Zombie Costumes & Zombie Make Up

Looking For The Creepiest Zombie Costumes?

This is the best spot to find all coolest ones. Here you will find the creepiest, the grossest, the nastiest zombie costumes without having to pay a fortune for them. Whether you want rotted flesh, exposed bones, torn and bloody clothes or whole outfits, these are the best deals that you’re going to find.

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Complete Zombie Costume

Men’s Zombie Costumes

Do you feel like running around all Halloween night dead? No problem. There are a lot of options for zombie costumes. They’ve got all the tattered clothes and desiccated skin you could want.

If you like, you can even be a zombie doctor. Logically, if there ever is a zombie outbreak, doctors would probably be among the first to be infected. They start getting patients with symptoms they don’t understand until it’s too late. The next thing you know, the doctors are all zombies too. And that’s when we’re really in trouble.

Check out all the zombie costumes for men:
Zombie Costumes

Women’s Zombie Costumes

There are tons of options for female zombies. You can be anything from a dead housewife to an office worker to a punk rocker. You can even be a zombie prom queen.

Check out all the zombie costumes for women:
Zombie Costumes

Children’s Zombie Costumes

There are lots of options for kids who want to be zombies for Halloween too. You can be a zombie punk with spikes on your dead or make your parents proud by being a zombie doctor.

Check out all the zombie costumes for kids:
Zombie Costumes

Zombie Masks

The easiest way to be a zombie for Halloween is to just slip on a mask. It takes no more than a second and looks great.

Check out all the zombie masks:
Zombie Masks

Zombie Make Up

If you’ve got something special in mind for your zombie look, you might try zombie make up instead of a mask. You can paint yourself up any way you like.

Check out all the zombie make up kits:
Zombie Make Up

How To Do Zombie Make Up

Do you need some help putting on your zombie make up? Check out this video for some great tips.

Zombie Make Up Prosthetics

Do you want to have some maggots crawling out of your eyes while you’re a zombie? Maybe you’d like some nice open wound or some bones showing. It’s doable. It just takes a little make up magic.

Discounted Zombie Costumes

Zombies on eBay? Yes, there are. You can get some great deals on zombie costumes on eBay:

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