Want To Be Foxy For Halloween? How About A Fox Costume?

Be The Cute “Fox” At The Halloween Party

Foxes are adorable with their pretty red fur, pointy noses and big ears. And the fox costumes are great for both kids and adults.

With the recent popularity of the “What Does The Fox Say?” song by Ylvis, foxes are popular characters right now. You might even have more fun at a Halloween party this year by working out a dance to the song while in your fox costume. (If you’re not familiar with the song, click on the song title above and you can hear a snippet of it.)

Here you’ll find adorable fox costumes to consider. Whether you want costumes for adults or kids, you’ll find them all here. These are the best deals on fox costumes that you’re going to find and there are tons to choose from.

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RG Costumes ‘Funsies’ Vixie The Fox Costume

Fox Costumes For Adults

The adults have a few options for fox costumes. You can get a one piece outfit that you can put on in about two seconds. You can get a costume with a full mask that covers everything. Or you can get a costume that leaves your face uncovered but does give you a nice set of fox ears.

Fox Adult CostumePromotional Fox CostumeFox Kigurumi – Adult Halloween Costume Pajama (One size Fits All)

Fox Costumes For Kids

The kids’ costumes feature a couple of cute fox dresses for the girls and a couple of one piece, full body costumes for any kid. You can also get one that’s just a top with ears and a tail.

Fox T-shirt Style CostumeGirl’s Sweet Fox Toddler CostumeFox Costume for KidsOrange Fox Big Head Childrens CostumeTails Girls CostumeChild Fox Costume

Fox Costume Accessories

If you want to put together your own fox costume, you can get a set of ears or a mask and a tail. Put it together with a reddish brown shirt and you’re all set to be a fox.

What Does The Fox Say Fox Costume Hat AdultWhat Does The Fox Say Red Fox Furry Plush Animal Hat – One Size Fits All, UnisexDeluxe Kids Fox MaskSeasonsTrading Brown Plush Animal Tail ~ Halloween Animal Costume AccessoryPlush Animal Tail Costume Clip On Accessory Theater, Halloween, or Furry Fun

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