Vampire Costumes & Vampire Makeup

Halloween is the perfect night for vampires. Pointy teeth, blood on the chin and a creepy dead look in the eyes are very much en vogue on Halloween.

This is the best spot to find all the coolest vampire costumes. Here you will find the grossest, the classiest and the sexiest vampire costumes and vampire makeup without having to pay a fortune for them. Whether you want fangs, a cape, fake blood or whole outfits, these are the best deals that you’re going to find.

If you like the costume to the left,
you can get them here from Amazon:
Men’s Baron Von Bloodshed Costume

Men’s Vampire Costumes

If you like the gothic look and some sharp teeth, you’re in luck. You can dress yourself in black or dark red, don a cape and you’re the perfect vampire.

Check out all of the vampire costumes for men:
Vampire Costumes

Women’s Vampire Costumes

These dark dresses along with some fangs make the perfect outfit for Halloween. Practice flashing your teeth and hissing like a cat so you’ll be ready for the big night.

Check out all of the vampire costumes for women:
Vampire Costumes

Boy’s Vampire Costumes

The small vampires can be just as scary. Put some dark makeup around the eyes so they look a bit (un)dead and add a cape. They’ll look great.

Check out all of the vampire costumes for boys:
Vampire Costumes

Girl’s Vampire Costumes

The young lady vampires can be quite elegant in their outfits too. Just because they’re deadly bloodsuckers doesn’t mean they can’t look nice.

Check out all of the vampire costumes for girls:
Vampire Costumes

Vampire Costume Accessories

Would you prefer to put together your own vampire costume? You can get a cape and fangs and some puncture wounds and you’ll look positively creepy.

Vampire FangsProfessional Vampire FangsVampire Bite Temporary Tattoo Pack – Two Pair of Bite Tattoos per PackGothic Vampire GlassesPuncture Wound Temporary TattoosGothic Vampire Cape

Vampire Costumes For Your Dog

Dogs like to get in on the Halloween fun too. You could call your dog Count Barkula or Baron Von Woofs-A-Lot for the night.

Check out all of the vampire costumes for dogs:
Vampire Costumes

Vampire Costumes From

Are you determined to be a vampire for Halloween but just didn’t find a vampire costume you like above? There are still plenty more to see. There’s a great selection of them at They’re reliable and they’ve got good prices too.

You can see all of their vampire costumes here:
Vampire Costumes

Plus Size Vampire CostumeElite Men’s Gothic Vampire CostumeGirls’ Vampire Costume

Discounted Vampire Costumes

There are lots more vampire costumes on eBay:

Vampire Makeup Tutorial

Do you need some help with the makeup around the eyes or making the blood look real? Here are some great tips.

Vampire Makeup

And here’s are the makeup you’ll need from white to make you look pale to red for the blood.

Check out all of the vampire makeup kits:
Vampire Makeup

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