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From the time the original Star Trek series graced our TV screens in the 60s, Star Trek has been good fun to some and a way of life to others. Either way, the uniforms worn by the crew of The Enterprise are well known and make great Halloween costumes.

Here you’ll find some great Star Trek costumes to consider. Whether you want uniforms like were worn in the original series, The Next Generation or the recent movies, you’ll find them all here. These are the best deals on Star Trek Halloween costumes that you’re going to find and there are lots to choose from.

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Star Trek Costumes From The Original Series

Fifty years ago when the show first started, the men wore tight long sleeved shirts in red, blue or gold and the ladies wore very short dresses in the same colors. Those who wore red were in command, gold was for engineering and blue was for science.

Star Trek Costumes From The Next Generation Series

After the original Star Trek ended, we had to wait a long time for the series to be reborn. In the 80s when “Star Trek: The Next Generation” started, the uniforms were a little different. While they were still red, gold and blue, they were a little more modern looking with black across the shoulders and down the sides and with an angled black area across the midsection.

The ladies (and some of the men) did wear short dresses in the early episodes, but later the ladies wore jumpsuits.

Star Trek Costumes From The Recent Movie

When the Star Trek movie came out in 2009, the uniforms changed yet again. They were only very slightly different from the uniforms in the original series, but they are enough different that they can be told apart. The collars are a little higher making a round neckline with a black insert instead of a v-neck shirt.

The women are back to short dresses, but they too are a little different. The neck line is different and they have short sleeves. The movie dresses are only available in red.

Star Trek Costumes For Kids

You generally didn’t see a lot of kids on The Enterprise and when you did see them, they weren’t wearing uniforms. Still there’s no reason why the little ones can’t pretend to be officers abord a starship.

All of these costumes are available in a variety of sizes.

Klingon Costumes

nuqneH. (That’s a Klingon greeting.)

These costumes represent Klingons from “The Next Generation” and later series. The Klingons in the original series were much less… lumpy. This costume is available for men or women.

Star Trek Costume Accessories

You need more than just a shirt or dress to pass as an officer aboard The Enterprise. At the very least you’ll need your communicator badge and a phaser. You never know when you might need them.

Here are some accessories that will make your costume more fun. You can add a wig and pointy ears to a blue shirt and go as Commander Spock for Halloween or just have a phaser at the ready.

Star Trek – Electronic Starfleet CommunicatorStar Trek Classic Phaser GunStarfleet Division BadgeVulcan WigVulcan EarsStar Trek Next Generation Communicator Patches

Discounted Star Trek Costumes

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