Prisoner Costumes

Prisoner Costumes

Deny it all you want. We all know you’re guilty. You’re going to jail this Halloween.

There are lots of options for these costumes. You can get the black and white striped variety or the orange jumpsuit kind. And both kinds of costumes are available for every member of the family and in lots of different sizes.

Here you’ll find some great prisoner costumes to consider. Whether you’re looking for costumes for men, women, kids or dogs, you’ll find them all here. These are the best deals that you’re going to find and there are tons to choose from.

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Men’s Prisoner Costume

Classic Black & White Prisoner Costumes

This is the old fashioned striped convict uniform like you still see in old movies. It’s available for everybody in the family including the dog. Pair one of these costumes with handcuffs or a ball and chain and you’ll have the perfect outfit for Halloween.

There are a few different outfits for the men (one in a bigger size). A couple of dress type outfits for the ladies or one with pants. There’s some for the kids. The baby will certainly look like a dangerous convict dress like this. Even the family dog can get in on the act.

Men’s Prisoner CostumeWomen’s Prisoner CostumePlue Size Men’s Prisoner CostumeKid’s Prisoner CostumeBaby Prisoner CostumeDog Prisoner Costume

Prisoner CostumesPrisoner CostumesPrisoner CostumesPrisoner CostumesPrisoner CostumesPrisoner Costumes

Orange Jumpsuit Prisoner Costumes

If you prefer the orange jumpsuit type of uniform, there’s plenty of options for those too.

There are four different styles for the men (one in a large size). There are three for the ladies, one for the kids and even one for the baby. What could that baby have done to land in jail? Maybe he got arrested for being too cute.

Men's Prisoner CostumeMen’s Prisoner CostumeMen's Prisoner CostumeMen’s Prisoner CostumeWomen's Prisoner CostumeWomen’s Prisoner CostumePlus Size Men's Prisoner CostumePlus Size Men’s Prisoner CostumeKid's Prisoner CostumeKid’s Prisoner CostumeBaby Prisoner CostumeBaby Prisoner Costume

Prisoner CostumesPrisoner CostumesPrisoner Costumes

A Few Accessories For Your Prisoner Costumes

You can’t be a prisoner without first having mug shots and wanted posters.

Also, maybe a ball and chain around your ankle would be a nice touch. It would look good with either the striped or the orange costumes.

And don’t forget the jail cell keys. If you’re going to be locked away, then you’ll need some hope of getting out at some point. Those keys are it.

Jail KeysJail KeysBall & ChainBall & ChainJail Photo PosterJail Photo Poster

Wrist ShacklesWrist ShacklesBank Money BagBank Money BagConvict ChainsConvict Chains

Scary Prisoner In A Cage Costume

This prisoner is so scary that his cage is actually part of his costume. He’s got a skull-like head pushing through the bars. Be sure to growl menacingly while wearing this costume.


Zombie Prisoner

This costume offers a cool twist on both the prisoner costumes and the zombie costumes. You can be both!

We all know that whenever the zombie apocalypse happens, the prisoners will be some of the first to be infected since they’re confined. If you think about it, a zombie prisoner costume makes perfect sense.


So What Are You In For?

So What Are You In For?

Discounted Prisoner Costumes

No one ever wants to wear the same costume two years in a row. A lot of people will get rid of their last year’s costume on eBay. If you don’t mind one that been worn one time, you can get some great deals.

See all of eBay’s prisoner costumes here:
Prisoner Costumes

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Prisoner Costumes

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