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Shiver Me Timbers!

So me hearties, ye wants to be gentlemen o’ fortune, does ye? Halloween be the one night a landlubber can pass for a buccaneer. Try it any other night and ye walk the plank! Arrrrgggggg….

A pirate costume is a classic for Halloween. It works for men, women and kids. You can dress yourself up as a colorful and jolly pirate, a mean and nasty pirate or even a sexy pirate.

Here you’ll find some great pirate costumes to consider. Whether you want a costume for a man, a woman, a child or all three, you’ll find them all here. These are the best deals on pirate costumes that you’re going to find and there are lots to choose from.

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Pirates of the Caribbean Captain Jack Sparrow

Pirate Costumes For Men

You can be a tattered pirate whose pants are torn up around his calves. You can wear the puffy white pirate’s shirt. You can even be a more distinguished pirate with a nice coat. Add a growl to be a nasty pirate or a yo-ho-ho! to be jolly pirate. Your choice.

See all of the available men’s pirate costumes here:
Pirate Costumes

Pirate CostumePirate CostumePirate Costume

Pirate Costumes For Women

You can get a costume with a long skirt or a short one (in case you want to be a sassy wench). You can even get a costume with pants instead of a skirt if you want to be a more modern liberated lady pirate.

See all of the available women’s pirate costumes here:
Pirate Costumes

Pirate CostumePirate CostumePirate Costume

Pirate Costumes For Kids

The kids have quite a variety of costumes if they want to be pirates. They can be tattered pirates or they can be more put together. The girls can have dresses or pants. Even the babies can have adorable pirate hats and clothes.

Most of these costumes come in a variety of sizes. Click on any of the pictures to see if your child’s size is available.

See all of the available kids’s pirate costumes here:
Pirate Costumes

Rubies Pirate KingCalifornia Costumes Toys Cutthroat PirateAhoy Matey Boy's CostumeRubie's Let's Pretend Princess Of The Seas CostumeHalloween Concepts Children's Costumes Pirate Girl - Child's smallPirate CostumesPirate CostumesRogue Pirate CostumeAmscan Costumes USA Pirates Child Kit

Pirate Costume Accessories

You can make any of these costumes even nicer with the addition of a few extras. You might want to add an eye patch if your chosen costume doesn’t come with one. Adding a hook hand could make your costume more fun. And of course, what good is a pirate without a sword?

Dozen Felt Pirate Eye PatchesDozen Felt Pirate Eye PatchesFelt Pirate HatFelt Pirate HatPirate Headwrap BandanaPirate Headwrap BandanaHook HandHook HandSword with Skull and Crossbones HiltSword with Skull and Crossbones HiltHat, Eye Patch, Sword, Ear Ring and HookHat, Eye Patch, Sword, Ear Ring and Hook

Discounted Pirate Costumes

There are lots more pirate costumes on eBay:

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See all of the available pirate costumes and accessories here:
Pirate Costumes

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