Nerd Costumes: How To Dress Like A Nerd

Nerds. Now these are my kind of people. They’re brainy and they look good too! If you think you’re cool enough to pull off the nerd look, take a look at some of these fun nerd costumes.

Here are some nerd costumes for you to consider. Whether you want costumes for guys or gals or you just want some nice nerd accessories, you’ll find them all here. These are the best deals on nerd costumes that you’re going to find and there are tons to choose from.

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Men’s Nerd Costumes

Hot guy nerds. These guys have got it all: the bow ties, the high waisted pants (that are too short) and those wonderful glasses with the tape on them. Looking good, guys!

Women’s Nerd Costumes

Gorgeous girl nerds. Who says a girl can’t be beautiful and smart too? With the bow ties, the suspenders and the geeky glasses, the ladies can look good and look smart.

Child’s Nerd Costume

Child Class Nerd Costume

Kids get teased for being nerds every day of the year except Halloween. On Halloween, this is the coolest costume.


Plus Size Nerd Costume

Adult Plus Nerd Costume

Nerds come in all shapes and sizes and so do nerd costumes. This one fits anyone who’s up to about 300 pounds.


Nerd Costumes Accessories

Would you prefer to put together your own nerd costume? Here you can get the glasses, the suspenders, the hair, the teeth. You can even get a propeller hat.

Discounted Nerd Costumes

Check out the nerd costumes on eBay:

Nerds Candy Costume

If we’re going to talk about nerds, we can’t leave out these guys. They may be nerds of a different kinds, but they are still nerds.

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  1. Lesley Stevens says:

    I absolutely love dressing up as a nerd. This is much easier than making your own costume for sure. Love the choices!

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