Mermaid Costumes

You’ll Get Along Swimmingly At Any Halloween Party

Mermaids are both beautiful and mysterious. They have the upper body of a woman and the tail of a fish. They live among the fishes deep in the sea.

If being a beautiful sea creature appeals to you for your Halloween costume, there are lots of different mermaid outfits to choose from. They’re very colorful with lots of shiny scales on the tails. You can add a boa made of seaweed and perhaps some brilliant blue or red hair and you’ll look amazing.

Here you’ll find some great mermaid costumes to consider. Whether you want costumes for women, girls or babies, you’ll find them all here. These are the best deals on mermaid costumes that you’re going to find and there are tons to choose from.

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Mermaid Costumes For Women

Mermaid Costume

The options for mermaid costumes for adults are pretty spectacular. You can get a gorgeous outfit in gold and green, a black evening gown style of mermaid costume, one with a bikini top or something more colorful like the blue and pink costumes. Add a few highlights to your hair or maybe some shells and you’ll look great.

Mermaid CostumeMermaid CostumeMermaid CostumeMermaid CostumeMermaid CostumeHPLY Halloween Party Cosplay Mermaid Dress Women Sexy Green Mermaid Dress

Mermaid Costumes For Girls

The mermaid outfit options for the younger girls are no less beautiful. These costumes are real eye catchers in purples and blues and greens. One costumes comes with a cute flower hair clip and sea shell necklace. With or without some fun accessories, any little girl would be lovely as one of these mermaids.

Mermaid CostumeMermaid CostumeKid's Little Mermaid Costume (Size:X-Small 4-6)Mermaid CostumeMermaid CostumeLet's Pretend Pink Mermaid Costume

Mermaid Costumes For Babies

Even the little guppies (or babies, if you prefer) can be mermaids for Halloween. You can get adorable crocheted costumes in either red or blue or you can get a cute purple and green outfit.

Cute Red Color Mermaid Baby Costume Photo Photography Prop Crochet Knitted Baby HatsMermaid CostumeMermaid Costume

Mermaid Costume Accessories

Maybe you’d like a few extras to complete your costume or maybe you’d like to get a few of these accessories and put together your own costume. Either way, red or blue hair or pink streaks in your hair would make your mermaid costume even more magical. You could also add a seaweed boa around your neck and a shell shaped purse. The purse would be great for a child to use when trick-or-treating to hold all the candy.

Blue Mermaid WigBlue Mermaid WigRed Mermaid WigRed Mermaid WigHot Pink Clip In Hair HighlightsHot Pink Clip In Hair HighlightsSeaweed BoaSeaweed BoaShell BraShell BraStarfish Hair ClipStarfish Hair Clip

Discounted Mermaid Costumes

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