Maleficent Costumes For Halloween

What Better Time Than Halloween To Be An Evil Queen

Maleficent isn’t a new character. She’s been around for a while. She’s just never been a main character before. She’s always just lurked in the shadows. But with the recent movie Maleficent making her the center of attention, now she’s getting a lot of notice. She’d be the perfect character to be for Halloween.

Here you’ll find perfectly evil Maleficent costumes to consider. Whether you want costumes for women or girls, you’ll find them all here. These are the best deals on Maleficent costumes that you’re going to find and there are tons to choose from.

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Maleficent Costumes For Adults

These costumes vary from fully draped robes to dresses that are a bit sexy. You can get ones that make you look like Maleficent from the movie or go with a little bit different look.

Disguise Women’s Disney Maleficent Movie Maleficent Christening Black GownCostume Adventure Women’s Ficent CostumeDisguise Women’s Disney Maleficent Movie Christening Deluxe Glam GownDisguise Costumes Women’s Disney Sleeping Beauty Maleficent CostumeMaleficent Deluxe Adult CostumeDisney Adult Maleficent Deluxe Costume

Maleficent Costumes For Rent

If you’d like to compare prices on this Maleicent costume, you can also find it here.

Also, this site has it available as a rental. You can rent it for a fraction of the price of actually buying it and you’ll still have a great costume for Halloween.


Maleficent Costumes For Girls

These costumes aren’t just for the adults. Younger girls can make a good Maleficent too. The design of the dresses varies a little from one to the other. Choose whichever look you like best.

Disguise Disney Maleficent Movie Christening Black Gown Girls Classic CostumeDisguise Disney Maleficent Movie Black Gown Tween Deluxe CostumeMaleficent Deluxe Christening Gown

Maleficent Costume Accessories

If you happen to have your own black dress that you’d like to use for a costume, you can be Maleficent by adding a few accessories. You’ll need her signature horns, of course. Add a staff and maybe her gloves and ring and you’ll be set for Halloween.

Disguise Women's Disney Maleficent Movie Adult Maleficent StaffMaleficent Gloves & RingMaleficent Horns Deluxe Costume Accessory

Discounted Maleficent Costumes

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Maleficent Costumes

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