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Hulk Smash!

He’s big, green and ugly. He’s born of anger. Still, he usually ends up doing exactly the right thing to foil the bad guys. There’s usually some collateral damage, but he never lets the bad guys win.

The Incredible Hulk is the kind of costume that gets noticed at a party or out trick-or-treating. It’s hard to ignore a big, green dude. He makes an excellent Halloween costume for kids and adults.

Here you’ll find some great Incredible Hulk costumes to consider. Whether you want costumes for adults or kids, you’ll find them all here. These are the best deals on Incredible Hulk costumes that you’re going to find and there are tons to choose from.

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Hulk Avengers Movie Classic For Kids

Incredible Hulk Costumes For Adults

Adult Delux Hulk Costume

Adults have a couple of options for The Hulk costumes. You can get this full costume complete with mask, washboard stomach and torn pants or you can get a mask, a pair of puffy, green hands and some green body paint and do it up yourself.


Adult Deluxe Hulk MaskGreen Body PaintHulk Hands

Incredible Hulk Costumes For Kids

The kids have a lot more options. These costumes are available for babies, little kids and older kids. They come with full masks, partial masks or no masks. They’re different shades of green. The clothes (or what remains of them) are even a little different. You can choose whichever version of The Hulk costume that you like best.

Incredible Hulk CostumeIncredible Hulk CostumeIncredible Hulk CostumeIncredible Hulk CostumeRubie's Costume Avengers 2 Age of Ultron Child's Deluxe Hulk Costume, SmallRubies Marvel Universe Classic Collection Avengers Assemble Incredible Hulk Costume, Child Small

Incredible Hulk CostumeIncredible Hulk Costume

Discounted Incredible Hulk Costumes

Nobody ever wants to wear the same costumes two years in a row. A lot of people will get rid of their old costumes on eBay so that they can get new ones. If you don’t mind a costume that’s been worn one time, you can get some great deals.

See all of eBay’s Incredible Hulk costumes here:
Incredible Hulk Costumes

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See all of the available Incredible Hulk costumes here:
Incredible Hulk Costumes

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