Halloween Tombstones To Set Up Your Own Halloween Graveyard

Put them in the yard or set them up in the living room. Scatter around a few body parts and you’ve got yourself a party.

Here are some scary Halloween tombstones for you to consider. Whether you want illuminated or with body parts around them or just plain, you’ll find them all here. These are the best deals on Halloween tombstones that you’re going to find and there are tons to choose from.

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Spooky Twining Vines Halloween Tombstone Prop

Fogging Halloween Tombstone Prop

Fogging Halloween Tombstone Prop

This fun Halloween tombstone has creepy fog billowing around it. People will give it a wide berth when walking by it for fear that something will reach out of the fog and grab their legs.


Inflatable Animated Halloween Tombstone

Inflatable Animated Halloween Tombstone

This tombstone self inflates and then the hooded ghost on top wiggles around a bit with the air moving inside it. Everything you need to set it up comes with it: the fan, ground stakes and tethers. And when Halloween is over, the whole thing deflates so you can easily put it away until next year.


Sound Activated Illuminated Skull Tombstone

Sound Activated Illuminated Skull Tombstone

The skull’s jaw moves and he speaks whenever there’s any noise in the room. So anytime someone gets close, they’ll get a scary surprise.

Also, this tombstone is battery operated. There’s nothing to plug in so as long as the weather’s nice, you can put it outside on Halloween night.


Personalized Skull Tombstone

Personalized Skull Tombstone

This one comes with letter stickers so you can add whatever you want to it. You can put your name on it or the time and date of your party.


Halloween Tombstones By The Bunch

Would you like to set up a whole cemetery instead of just one tombstone? Each of these below is a package of several tombstones. Most of them have funny names like “Izzy Dead” or “Dustin Ash”. If you can’t read them all, click on them and you’ll be taken to a larger version of the image.

Halloween Tombstones With Body Parts Sticking Out

Sometimes you forget to drop in a part or two before you fill in the hole. And sometimes even if you get everything stuffed down in the hole, something claws its way back out. These tombstones have hands or heads or bloody shrouds on them to make them even scarier.

Halloween Animated Zombie Tombstone PropDesign Toscano Rest in Pieces Grim Reaper Tombstone StatueBones & Cloth Rounded Cementary Tombstone Kit PropBeistle Zombie RIP Tombstone, 21-Inch by 13-1/2-InchNightmare on Elm Street Freddy Krueger Tombstone Party DecorationAmscan Creepy Cemetery Halloween Party Rest In Pieces Tombstone Decoration, Grey, 22

Lots More Halloween Tombstones

If you didn’t find one you like above, take a look at these. They’re adorned with everything from skulls to gargoyles. They have creepy stains and moss growing on them. You’re sure to find one (or several) that you like to make your own private grave yard.

Discounted Halloween Tombstones

Take a look at all the fun tombstones on eBay:

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