Halloween Lights: Decorate For Halloween With Lit Decorations

Halloween is a great time for decorating. Make your decorating even more fun with Halloween lights.

Here are some fun Halloween lights for you to consider. Whether you want orange ones or black ones or ones that look like human skulls, you’ll find them all here. These are the best deals on Halloween lights that you’re going to find and there are tons to choose from.

If you like the Halloween light covers to the left,
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Mini Pumpkin Halloween Lights

Halloween Lights Strings

These are just plain colored lights. They’d be fun to use at Halloween or you could use them any time. Each string is all one color and you can get them in orange, black, purple or yellow-green.

Indoor/Outdoor Rope Lights 18′,PurpleIndoor/Outdoor Rope Lights 18′, Orange25 Lights, Black Bulbs W/black Cord70 Orange Indoor/Outdoor Halloween LightsLED Halloween Light String, 60 Lights, OrangeYellowish Halloween LightsMini Orange Halloween Lights3 Packages of 50 Orange Halloween LightsLight Set, 25 Lights, Orange

Multicolored Halloween Lights Strings

If a string of lights that’s a single color just won’t do, you might like these better. This string has bulbs in green, purple and orange.

50 Orange, Purple, and Green Halloween Electric String Lights with Black Cord

Creepy Critters Halloween Lights

If plain Halloween lights aren’t good enough, how about lights shaped like candy corn or human skulls?

Dangling Spider Light SetLiving Dead Dolls Party LightsMusical Skull Light Set, 10 Lights

Net Halloween Lights

These would be great thrown over a bush in the yard. You could also drape them over a porch railing. There are lots of possibilities.

Net Halloween Lights, OrangeNet Halloween Lights, Purple

Lighted Halloween Displays

The ones on the top row below are three dimensional displays. You could set them up on a tabletop or on your mantle. The ones in the second row could be hung on a wall or in a window.


Extreme Halloween Lights Video

Someone put a lot of work into this display.

(It starts a little slow but starts to get good around the 30 second point.)

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  1. I’ve never really thought of lights before for Halloween but after looking at your light display and watching that really cool video we are going to get some this Halloween!

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