Halloween Jewelry

Get Some Bling That Says Boo!

Unlike a Halloween costume, a few pieces of fun Halloween jewelry can be worn for more than one night. You can wear creepy skull earrings or a spider bracelet for at least a couple of weeks before the big day. It’s a good way to have a little extra fun with the holiday.

Here you’ll find some great Halloween jewelry to consider. Whether you want necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings or even watches, you’ll find them all here. These are the best deals on Halloween jewelry that you’re going to find and there are lots to choose from.

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Dead Girl Skeleton Cameo Necklace

Halloween Necklaces

There are a lot of options for creepy things to hang around your neck. You can get a skull or a whole skeleton if a skull only isn’t enough. There are also spiders, ghosts, bats and a heart. That’s not a cute Valentine’s heart. It’s the anatomically correct sort, just as it would be if you’d ripped it from someone’s chest and put it on a chain.

See all of the available Halloween necklaces here:
Halloween Necklaces

Halloween Bracelets

If you prefer to have creepy crawlies on your arm instead of around your neck, here’s a nice selection of cute and scary Halloween bracelets. You can get a cute bangle bracelet with a pumpkin and candy corn that says boo. If you want something a bit scarier, you can get a bat or spider or skulls for your wrist. If you want the ultimate in creepy crawlies, you can get a real (yes, real!) scorpion encased in Lucite.

See all of the available Halloween bracelets here:
Halloween Bracelets

Halloween Earrings

There’s no end to the fun Halloween images you can have dangling from your ears. You can get crows, skeletons, ghosts, black cats or pumpkins in full color or in silver.

There are actually hundreds of fun Halloween earrings available in both pierced and clip on. The ones pictured are just a small selection. Be sure to check out the link below to see all the others.

See all of the available Halloween earrings here:
Halloween Earrings

Halloween Rings

Would you like a black widow spider on your finger or a beetle? How about a green eye that’s open wide in horror? Maybe you could put the two on adjacent fingers. I’m sure my eyes would be that wide if a black widow were that close to me. If bugs and eyes aren’t your thing, maybe you’d like skulls or a bat staring back at you from the back of your hand.

Halloween Watches

You need to know when it’s time to head out to the Halloween party. Might as well tell time in Halloween style. You can get these nice black leather watches with bats, black cats, a jack-‘o-lantern or lots of other creepy critters.

See all of the available Halloween watches here:
Halloween Watches

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See all of the available Halloween jewelry here:
Halloween Jewelry

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