Halloween Bathroom Decor

Don’t Forget To Put Up Halloween Bathroom Decorations Too

It’s pretty common for people to put up Halloween decorations in their yards and windows, but the bathroom often gets neglected. That’s really too bad because some of the most fun decor is made for the bathroom.

This is the best spot to find the creepiest Halloween bathroom decor. Here you will find the bloodiest and funniest Halloween bathroom decorations without having to pay a fortune for them. Whether you want bloody shower curtains or jack-o’-lantern toilet seat covers, these are the best deals that you’re going to find.

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Bloody Halloween Bathroom Decor

Let’s start with the bloody stuff. There’s nothing creepier and more gross that stepping into a bathroom that’s covered with blood.

What happened here?
Was someone murdered?
Is Norman Bates on the lose?
Should I be running away? I should probably be running.

This decor is especially effective if your bathroom is largely white. The red and white contrast really makes it interesting.

Bloody Bath Mat

Despite its gruesome appearance, this bath mat is soft and fuzzy and not slimy and sticky. It’ll keep your feet warm as you step out of the shower and keep you from slipping on the wet floor. It does exactly what a bath mat is supposed to do. It just makes you question who or what crawled out of the shower before you got there.


Since the shower curtain is usually the largest thing in the bathroom, these bloody ones will really make an impression. You can have your choice of these two: The first looks like some major battle went on in that shower. The victim who got killed in the second one went more quietly, simply sliding down into the tub.

Bloody Shower CurtainBlood Bath Shower Curtain


Blood Bath Hand Towel

Toss this hand towel over the towel rack in your bathroom. People need to dry their hands after they wash them. Just because someone obviously already used this towel to clean up after a homicide is no reason for people not to use it to dry their hands.



Blood Bath Shower Gel

Hang this up in the shower or next to the sink. It’ll be handy whenever someone needs to wash up. Everyone knows that the best way to get blood off your skin is with more blood.



These items below add a little extra blood to your bathroom wherever you feel that you might need it. The clings will stick to pretty much any solid surface and can be easily removed later. The tiles would make a great back splash behind your sink. And the garland of bloody weapons would look great draped across the top of the door way.

Halloween ClingsHalloween ClingsBloody Tile Wall RollBloody Tile Wall Roll7' Bloody Weapon Garland7′ Bloody Weapon Garland


You’re going to need a clock in your bathroom. You’ve got to keep track of how much time you have left before you have to be at work or how long you’ve got to clean up after whatever dastardly deed you’ve just committed. You can choose from a clock with splattered drops on it or blood running down or a bloody hand print.

Blood Spatter ClockBloody Hand Clockblood splatter 5.png large clock

Other Fun Bathroom Decor For Halloween

If you’re not a fan of the bloody stuff, that’s OK. There’s plenty of other fun Halloween designs to use in the bathroom. There are lots of pumpkins and spider webs and witches…

Present Time Wanted Scary Shower Curtain

You can have yourself a cool shower curtain with a shadowy figure hiding behind it or you can get one with a pattern of jack-o’-lanterns or monsters.


Spider Web Shower CurtainHalloween Pumpkin Jack-O’-Lantern Bathroom Shower CurtainMonsters Shower Curtain


There are a lot of options for decorating your toilet. You can have your toilet paper handed to you by a skeleton or a gargoyle. Or you can have a pair of toilet paper trees to hold your paper. You can put spiders on your toilet seat and you can rig the toilet to scream when the seat if lifted.

Skeleton Halloween Toilet Paper HolderSkeleton Halloween Toilet Paper HolderCommode Dragon Tyrant Bath Tissue HolderCommode Dragon Tyrant Bath Tissue HolderZombie Toilet Paper HolderZombie Toilet Paper HolderToilet Tattoos Spider Web DesignToilet Tattoos Spider Web DesignSpider Toilet Topper Peel 'N PlaceSpider Toilet Topper Peel ‘N PlaceHalloween Toilet Grabber CoverHalloween Toilet Grabber Cover


A clock is an important addition to any bathroom and there are several cute Halloween themed ones to choose from. You can get witches, cats, eyeballs, skulls or just a cute Halloween pattern.

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Halloween Clocks

Vintage Halloween Smiling Cute Black Cat PumpkinSpooky Halloween Wall ClockGothic Evil Fanged Skull Halloween HorrorHalloween Pumpkin Pattern Jack-o-Lantern Festive Large ClockHalloween scenes with devil hand and moon large clockHalloween graveyard scenes pumpkins bats moon large clock

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