Get A Bird Costume For Halloween

There’s A Lot Of Variety In Bird Costumes

You could be a parrot or an owl, a peacock or a penguin. There are lots of options. Bird costumes come in all shapes and sizes and types.

Here are some bird costumes for you to consider. Whether you want to be a peacock or a penguin or any of a dozen other types of birds, you’ll find them all here. These are the best deals on bird costumes that you’re going to find and there are tons of items to choose from.

If you like the turkey bird costume to the left,
you can get it here from Amazon:
Infant Turkey Bird Costume

Parrot Bird Costume

Parrots are really colorful birds. Do you have a colorful personality? If so, then a parrot costume might be a good fit. These are available for kids and adults.

Turkey Bird Costume

Oh, you turkey! Sometimes being a bumbling turkey bird can be a lot of fun. Thanksgiving is still a month a way. Being a turkey should be safe for now.

Peacock Bird Costume

Peacocks are known for their beautiful plumage and their ability to assume a striking pose. If you like showing off, trying being a peacock for Halloween.

Penguin Bird Costume

Penguins don’t fly, but that’s ok. They’re great swimmers. Of course, if you’re a penguin for Halloween that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to go swimming in nearly frozen water. Still, I’d be hesitant to go to any parties where there’s a pool and the temperatures are below freezing.

Owl Bird Costume

Whoooo whoooo whoooo are you? Are you an owl for Halloween?

Owls are just cute. These are perfect costumes for children.

Another Bird Costume Or Two

Here are a couple more fine birds. Are you interested in being an eagle or a flamingo for Halloween? If you’re going to be a flamingo, don’t forget to practice standing on one leg.

Eagle Bird CostumeEagle Bird Costume

Flamingo Bird CostumeFlamingo Bird Costume

Just Wings

Maybe you don’t want the whole bird costume. If you just want some wings, that works too. It’s cool to be just you at Halloween… with wings.

How Would You Spend A Day As A Bird?

What would you do if you could be a bird for a day?

Birds Of A Different Feather

These aren’t exactly bird costumes, but they’re bird related.

Jail Bird CostumeJail Bird Costume

T-Bird CostumeT-Bird Costume

Discounted Bird Costumes

eBay’s got bird costumes too. Have a look at what’s currently available there. You might find a good deal.

Bird Attack Birdemic Adult Womens Halloween Costume - Standard

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Parrot Hat Jimmy Buffett Margaritaville Hat Bird Hat 20051

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Yellow Duck Animal Bird Belly Babies Toddler Costume - XL (4-6)

End Date: Friday Aug-11-2017 16:21:12 PDT
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T-Birds Gang Jacket 1950 Mens 50s Black Grease Danny T bird Tbird Costume

End Date: Sunday Aug-13-2017 22:21:53 PDT
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Bird Skull Mask Wasteland Mad Max Apocalypse Costume Scary Skeleton Animal

End Date: Friday Aug-4-2017 19:01:31 PDT
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