Garden Zombies

Zombies On The Lawn

A garden is a lovely place to hang out, soak up the sunshine and smell the flowers. People love gardens and so do zombies. Hey, just ’cause you’re dead doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate a well manicured lawn and a well tended flower bed.

If you’d like a few garden zombies on your lawn, you’ve come to the right place. Below you’ll find a nice collection of zombies, zombie parts and animal zombies. Enjoy.

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You Want A Zombie On Your Lawn?

Zombies fall apart easily. It’s a fact. Once you’re dead, it’s just hard to keep all of your parts together. Hands separate from arms. Legs separate from torsos. Sometimes zombies break completely in half.

If you’re in the market for a half of a zombie to have sticking up out of the dirt in your yard, you’re in luck. Here are several for your perusal.

Gaseous Zombie Animated FogEscape From the Grave Zombie Animated PropHeadless ZombieLED Clawing Zombie Gravedigger Halloween Prop Lawn Wedding Graveyard Decoration

Garden ZombiesGarden Zombies

Talkative Garden Zombie

Zombie Crossing Sign

If you’re going to have zombies hanging out in your yard, you really should put up the proper signage for safety’s sake.


Garden Zombie Parts

Times are tough right now. If a whole zombie (or even a half of a zombie) is out of your price range, you can still have zombie parts in your yard.

Garden Zombie Gnomes
(Or Gnombies)

Garden Gnomes, like the rest of us, occasionally die and then come back as zombies. Perhaps you’d prefer this type of zombie for your yard.

Animal Garden Zombies

Zombies, zombie halves, or zombie parts don’t have to be human. Critter zombies make perfectly good yard art too.

Tree Garden Zombies

Just like people and animals, trees can become zombies too.

Zombie Scarecrow

It’s always good to have one of these guys handy if you’re going to have zombies in your yard. Just in case they get out of hand.

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