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Why Not Be An Edible Treat For Halloween?

We can’t deny we all love our sweet and salty treats, basically anything that’s not too healthy for us. These costumes will allow you to choose your favorite snack and be that for Halloween.

Halloween is to some extent about the candy and treats and to some extent about the costumes and fun. These costumes let you combine the food and the fun. If processed meat is your thing, go ahead and be a can of Spam for Halloween. If you have a sweet tooth, be a candy bar.

Here you’ll find some fun food costumes to consider. Whether you want your costume to be candy or meat or even veggies, you’ll find them all here. These are the best deals on food costumes that you’re going to find and there are lots to choose from.

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Cheeseburger Costume

Let’s Start With Processed Meat

Bacon Strip Costume

There’s lots of options in this category: bacon, bologna, Spam. What ever kind of over salted, overly fatty treat you like on toast and slathered with ketchup and mustard, it’s available as a Halloween costume.


Hot Dog HatBacon Suit CostumeSpam CostumeBaby Bacon CostumeHot Dog CostumeHot Dog Toddler Costume

Speaking Of Ketchup & Mustard…

You’ve got to dress up that salami and those hot dogs with something. How about a little ketchup and mustard or some salt and pepper?

Since these costumes can be worn by males or females, they would be really cute for couples.

Baby Ketchup Packet CostumeAdult Mustard CostumeChild Mustard CostumeChild Ketchup CostumeSalt Shaker CostumePepper Shaker Costume

And How About A Beverage?

A salami sandwich and fries calls for a Coke. Here are some fun Coca Cola costumes for men or women. There’s even Diet Coke costumes if you’re watching your weight.

Soda CostumeSoda CostumeSoda Costume

Food CostumesFood CostumesFood Costumes


There’s a lot of trick-or-treating going on on Halloween night. Candy is king for one evening. Everybody loves donuts and popcorn and little bits of sweet candy. Here are some fun costumes that will allow you to dress up as your favorite sweet treat.

Toddler Doughnut CostumeToddler Doughnut CostumeTootsie Roll Child CostumeTootsie Roll Child CostumeBaby Sugar Babies CostumeBaby Sugar Babies CostumeAdult M&M CostumeAdult M&M CostumeSmarties Baby CostumeSmarties Baby CostumeChild's Cookie CostumeChild’s Cookie Costume

Child's Peppermint Candy CostumeChild’s Peppermint Candy CostumeAdult Oreo CostumeAdult Oreo CostumeAdult Swedish Fish CostumeAdult Swedish Fish Costume

A Side Of Veggies

We know that fruits and vegetables are good for us. They’re usually pretty tasty too. So maybe it would be a good thing if some of us spent Halloween as some of these tasty treats.

Pea Pod CostumePea Pod CostumeAdult Carrot CostumeAdult Carrot CostumeCorn Stalker Adult CostumeCorn Stalker Adult CostumeBanana CostumeBanana CostumeChili Pepper Adult CostumeChili Pepper Adult CostumeWatermelon Child CostumeWatermelon Child Costume

Adult Grapes CostumeAdult Grapes CostumeEar of Corn Baby CostumeEar of Corn Baby CostumeAdult Pineapple CostumeAdult Pineapple Costume

Discounted Food Costumes

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  1. I love these foods! I like how you broke them up by food category, that makes it easy to pick the one you need.

  2. These costumes look like they would be a lot of fun to wear. I especially like the candy costumes!

  3. Yum Yum! These costumes with fun food items would be so cool on Halloween!

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