Flapper Costumes

The 1920s Are Still Alive & Well On Halloween Night

We’ve all seen flapper girls in the movies. They were fun, quirky girls who swished around in their frilly dresses and danced the night away.

If you’re interested in being a flapper for Halloween night, grab yourself a frilly dress, a boa and a cigarette in a holder and start dancing.

Here you’ll find some fun flapper costumes to consider. Whether you want a costume for an adult or a girl, you’ll find it here. These are the best deals on flapper costumes that you’re going to find and there are tons to choose from.

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Flapper Costumes For Adults

These costumes come in a variety of colors and styles. But that all have those sassy short skirts and fringe, lots and lots of fringe.

Flapper CostumeFlapper CostumeFlapper Costume

Flapper Costumes In Plus Sizes

If you need a costume in a larger size, that’s no problem. Here are a few fabulous looking dresses in bigger sizes.

Flapper Costumes For Girls

Most of the flapper costumes are by far for adults, but there are a few for girls too. Here’s a cute, pink one that has some fringe just around the bottom and a bright, red one that has fringe all over just like the adults’ costumes do.

Flapper CostumeFlapper CostumeFlapper CostumeFlapper CostumeFlapper CostumeFlapper Costume

Flapper Costume Accessories

Once you’ve got the perfect flapper dress, then you’ll need all the stuff that goes with it. Here are some great wigs, boas and beads that will go great with any flapper outfit.

Feather BoaFeather BoaFlapper Costume BeadsFlapper Costume BeadsToy Costume Cigarette HolderToy Costume Cigarette HolderWomen's Flapper WigWomen’s Flapper WigNovelty Pearl Necklaces (12-Pack)Novelty Pearl Necklaces (12-Pack)Roaring 20's Gangster Girl Garter and FlaskRoaring 20’s Gangster Girl Garter and FlaskFlapper Flower HeadpieceFlapper Flower HeadpieceBlonde Flapper Girl WigBlonde Flapper Girl WigWrist Length Satin GlovesWrist Length Satin Gloves

Flapper Girl Dance Moves

If you think you might need some help dancing the way the flappers did back in the 20s, you can get some great moves from the ladies in this video.

Discounted Flapper Costumes

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