Cow Costume Ideas

Cows are bumbling, lovable, cuddly critters and cow costumes are great fun for Halloween. Put on your bovine best and go enjoy a Halloween party or go out trick-or-treating.

Below you will find the greatest collection of cow costumes without having to pay a fortune for them. Whether you want an adult costume or one for a child or costume accessories, these are the best deals that you’re going to find.

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Mr. Moo Cow Costume

Adult Cow Costume

Holsteins (spotted cows) are very popular for Halloween or you could be a muscle bound black bull complete with a ring in your nose. You could even be a buffalo. It’s not quite a cow, but it’s close enough.

You can get costumes that cover your face or one that doesn’t which leaves you free to paint it with additional spots.

RG Costumes Men's CowRG Costumes Casey CowMorris Costumes - Cow Inflatable Costume AdultFantasy World Adults Cow Costume Halloween for Men and Women, Size: L / 12-14, Zo06Forum Men's Cow-Boy CostumeBarnyard Cow CostumeForum Men's Moo Cow CostumeSmiffy's Women's Cow CostumeFantasy World Adults Cow Costume Halloween for Men and Women, Size: XL / 16-18, J05

Cow CostumesCow CostumesCow Costumes

Kid’s Cow Costume

These costumes come in sizes for babies, toddlers and older kids. You can get black and white or brown and tan costumes. You can even get one that’s padded so you look like a cow that’s been grazing way too much.

Princess Paradise Baby Kelly the Cow Deluxe CostumeCow Plush Toddler CostumeToddler Cuddly Cow Costume Size 3T-4TBELIFECOS Childrens Cow Costumes Onesies Kids Cosplay Homewear PajamasToddler Heirloom Cow Costume, Size Toddler 2T-4TCow Child Costume

Cow CostumesCow Costumes

Cow Costume Accessories

Add a cow bell to draw more attention to your cow costume. Get makeup to paint your face. Or just add a cow nose.

Discounted Cow Costumes

Take a quick look at the cow costumes on eBay:

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