Chicken Costume

A chicken costume is a classic for Halloween. You can don a beak and some feathers, hit a fun Halloween party and dance the Funky Chicken all night long.

Below you will find the greatest collection of chicken costumes without having to pay a fortune for them. Whether you want an adult costume or one for a child or costume accessories, these are the best deals that you’re going to find.

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Little Chicken Costume

Adult Chicken Costume

Would you dress up and head out in public in one of these costumes or are you too… chicken? Sure you’d look a bit silly, but that’s the point. There are lots of chicken costume options for Halloween. You can be a white chicken or a yellow one. You can have a costume that hides your face or not. Some the the costumes even have those gorgeous orange chicken legs.

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Adult Chicken Costume

Chicken CostumeChicken CostumeChicken CostumeChicken CostumeChicken CostumeBELIFECOS Unisex Adult Pajamas Plush One Piece Cosplay Animal Costume Chicken

Child Chicken Costume

These little chicken costumes are sized for babies, toddlers and older kids. (Maybe we should call them nuggets.) They vary in style from just a simple yellow chicken to a chicken with striped legs to a baby chicken that still has bits of shell stuck to it. You can even be a pink chicken.

Chicken CostumeChicken CostumeChicken CostumePlush Cuddlee Lovable Chicken Costume, Toddler SizeInCharacter Costumes Baby's Sprout TV Star Chica Chicken CostumeInCharacter Baby's Cluckin' Cutie Chicken Costume

Chicken CostumesChicken Costumes

Chicken Costume Accessories

Just in case you want to put together your own chicken costume. Here we have beaks, feet and feathered masks. You can put them together in any combination you like. You can put on one of the masks with the feet or put the small feathered mask on over one of the beaks.

Chicken CostumeChicken CostumeChicken CostumeChicken CostumeYPS Thanksgiving Turkey Knitted Crochet Beanie Cap for Baby with Pigtail BraidsFNF CHICA CHILD 3/4 MASK

Discounted Chicken Costume

Check out the chicken costumes on eBay:

Colonel Sanders Costume

The chicken’s biggest enemy. If there were going to be chickens around, you had to know this guy wouldn’t be far behind.


Egg Costume

Which came first, the chicken costume or the egg costume?

Adult Egg CostumeAdult Egg CostumeChild Egg CostumeChild Egg Costume

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