Best Witch Costumes

This is the best spot to find all the best ones. Here you will find the scariest, creepiest and cutest witch costumes without having to pay a fortune for them. Whether you want just witch makeup or whole outfits, these are the best deals that you’re going to find.

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Witch Costume

Witch Costumes For Adults

Come closer, my dearie and look at all these nice costumes. Ha Ha Ha Ha (That’s an evil witch laugh. You’ll just have to trust me on that. It’s pretty hard to pull off in print.)

If you want to be a witch for Halloween, there are plenty of creepy dresses, pointy hats and broom right here. You can get a costumes that’s a bit silly, a bit sexy or one that’s just scary.

See all the adult witch costumes:
Witch Costumes

Child’s Twinkle Witch Costume With Fiber Optic Twinkle Skirt

This one lights up. Super cute and safer while the little witch is out trick-or-treating.

Witch Costumes For Kids

There are lots of cute and even scary witch costumes for the girls. They comes in lots of different colors and are available in sizes for little girls on up to older ones.

See all the witch costumes for kids:
Witch Costumes

Makeup For Witch Costumes

Would you like to paint your face green or add some warts? Here’s everything you’ll need to create a scary face to go along with your scary costume.

Witch Halloween MakeupGreen Cream Water Washable Makeup Tube Halloween AccessoryWitch Makeup Kit Halloween Costume Accessory

Accessories For Witch Costumes

Here are a few extras to go along with your witch costume. You can add a black wig or a giant lumpy nose. You can get a creepy spider necklace or a witch hat.

Wild’n Witchy SocksGold Buckle Shoe CoversBlack Spider NecklaceBlack WigMini Velour Witch HatWitch’s Nose

Discounted Witch Costumes

There are lots more witch costumes at eBay:

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