Best Mario Costumes & Luigi Costumes

In Love With Super Mario Bros.? Looking For The Neatest Mario Costumes & Luigi Costumes?

This is the best spot to find all the coolest ones. Here you will find the greatest Mario costumes and Luigi costumes without having to pay a fortune for them. Whether you want Mario costumes, Luigi costumes, Princess Peach costumes or costumes for some of the other Mario Bros. characters, these are the best deals that you’re going to find.

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Mario Costume

Mario Costumes

Do you remember that lovable plumber, Mario, from the old video games. For a plumber he sure spent a lot of time jumping over turtles and (moving?) mushrooms or, better yet, pouncing on them. How would you like to be Mario for one night this Halloween?

Luigi Costumes

Don’t forget about Mario’s brother, Luigi. Maybe Luigi was your favorite and you just really liked him a lot better than Mario. If so, these costumes would be perfect for you.

If you’ve got two people going out for Halloween together, one Mario costume and one Luigi costume would be really fun.

Princess Peach (Mario) Costumes

For being Mario’s only focus throughout the whole game, Princes Peach sure was hard to find. Luckily for you, Princess Peach costumes are pretty easy to come by.

Yoshi (Mario) Costumes

Would you prefer to be a monster from the Mario game instead of the hero. That’s ok. As far as monsters go, Yoshi isn’t so bad.

Discounted Mario Costumes

eBay is a great place to look for Halloween costumes. People don’t like to go as the same thing two years in a row. They’re always trying to sell off old costumes. This can work to your advantage and you can get a great costume at a great price.

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