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Costumes That Are Out Of This World…

Whether you believe they’re out there or not… Whether you believe they’ll soon come to solve all our problems and give us world peace or that they’ll come to annihilate us all, aliens do spark the imagination. And they make a great Halloween costume.

Movies and books have made them popular and it’s fun to imagine what they might be like. Will they look like us? Will they be beautiful? Will they be ugly? The costumes below you give plenty of options for how you might look as an alien.

Here you’ll find some great alien costumes to consider. Whether you want costumes for adults or kids, you’ll find them all here. These are the best deals on alien costumes that you’re going to find and there are tons to choose from.

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Alien Costumes For Adults

You can choose between grey aliens or green ones. You can be a rather benign looking alien or a nasty looking one. You can be in a robe or dressed for battle.

Since these costumes completely cover your face and body, most could be worn by either men or women.

Deluxe Edition: Green Alien Spandex Catsuit Costume (Men: Large)Costumes For All Occasions FW8523 Alien Mask W CapeAdult Womens Purple And Black Alien Queen Witch Space Gown Costume Small 5-7Aliens Vs Predator Deluxe Predator Costume, Black, Standard SizeAlien Costume, Green, LargeRubie's Costume Alien Versus Predator Deluxe, Multicolored, One Size Costume

Alien Costumes For Kids

The kids have the option of being a more cartoon like alien with a head piece that doesn’t cover the face. Of if they prefer, they can be an alien secret agent or an alien escaped from Area 51.

Rubies Alien Commander Child Costume, LargeComplete Alien Costume - MediumGlow Away Alien Kids CostumeKid's Green Alien Halloween Costume (Small 5-7)California Costumes Property of Area 51 Child Costume, LargeStar Wars General Grievous Costume - One Color - Medium

Alien CostumeAlien CostumeAlien Costume

Alien Costume Accessories

If you want some extras for your costume to make it unique or you just want to get some of these accessories and put together your own costume, there are a lot of fun items right here. You can get glasses that make your eyes look like alien eyes. You can get a pair of antennae or pointy ears. And of course, there’s a selection of masks that you can put together with the outfit of your choosing.

Close Encounter Alien GlassesClose Encounter Alien GlassesAlien Raver Light-Up GlassesAlien Raver Light-Up GlassesEgg Head Conical Alien Skull CapEgg Head Conical Alien Skull CapAlien Deluxe HandsAlien Deluxe HandsAdult Green Creature Eye TentaclesAdult Green Creature Eye TentaclesLatex Alien Costume EarsLatex Alien Costume EarsArea 51 Alien MaskArea 51 Alien MaskAlien Vinyl MaskAlien Vinyl MaskAliens Vs. Predator MaskAliens Vs. Predator Mask

Alien Costumes From

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Alien Costumes

Green Alien Skin SuitGreen Alien SuitAlien Chest Buster Costume

Discounted Alien Costumes

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Alien Costumes

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Alien Costumes

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